Thanks for visiting! Being Happy at Home is a mindset and thereby something you can achieve on your own, maybe using the help of various methods, treatments, tips, tricks, pills, nothing at all, whatever works for you. I just want you to know, that any information provided in the site (it won’t be about pills, for sure) is for general, educational and informational purposes only. Regarding any healing methods you’ll read about on mypage, keep in mind that, I’m trying to help you not as a psychologist or a doctor (or a healthcare specialist) but as a woman who might has gone through what you’re struggling with now. I can’t warrant, assure or guarantee the success of the methods or ideas I suggest via my website. I just know that, whatever I suggest, regardless of the fact, if scientists and doctors agree with me, has worked for me and/or for my clients. Please, keep in mind that working with crystals, rocks and other minerals isn’t meant to replace or substitute standard medical or psychological treatment. Please consult a licensed health care specialist for your personal health issues.