Well, I’m a Millennial. And you’ve definitely heard about Crystals, Millennials and New Age stuff. So I guess I’m the last person you would like to hear talking about why people believe in crystals, or even why you should believe in crystals (the title is open for interpretation). My journey with crystals started when I discovered Holistic Interior Design. I wanted to find a solution to feel better in my place. That’s how I came upon crystals. I attended a very analytical and logically priced Crystal Healing Course (non-affiliate), where I learned about the metaphysical properties of crystals and how to use them for healing. But it was when I tried Crystal Healing with my mother that I truly believed in its possibilities.

why to believe in crystals? Being happy at Home. Crystal Healing

I’m not going to tell you to believe in crystals just because I do. Neither am I going to analyse all the Chakras Things here, because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about them. (If you haven’t, google “chakras”.) What you are going to read is only a point of view of why do people believe in crystals. Let me explain:

There are two kinds of people. The good and the bad. (kidding, let’s start over.)

There are two kinds of people who believe in crystals.

There are people who are always searching for a deeper truth. Who look through things. Who can feel the energy more than others (it’s neurological!). “Both the brain and the heart generate electromagnetic fields. According to the HeartMath Institute, these fields transmit information about people’s thoughts and emotions. Empaths may be particularly sensitive to this input and tend to become overwhelmed by it. Similarly, we often have stronger physical and emotional responses to changes in the earth and sun. Empaths know well that what happens to the earth and sun affects our state of mind and energy. Similarly, we often have stronger physical and emotional responses to changes in the electromagnetic fields of the earth and sun. Empaths know well that what happens to the earth and sun affects our state of mind and energy. “, Judith Orloff M.D., The Science Behind Empathy and Empaths.

Of course, not all empaths are into crystals and such. But many empaths, at some point of their life, start to wonder why do they feel how they feel. And then, there is a possibility that they come upon crystals. And whoever comes upon crystals, usually stays there. I’ve never known a single person who said “I once believed in crystals, but not anymore.” That could mean something. However, it’s not any formal survey, so you can’t rely on that. The kind of people who starts to express an interest on metaphysical things, or that was always into them, is the first kind of people who believe in crystals. That’s the people who either want to understand the world in a deeper way, either themselves.

On the other side, there are people who were never interested in fining out if the shamanism works or how quantum physics could explain some weird phenomena (for example, the Observation Effect). There are people who were quite happy with their lives. Until something happened. Something that made them lose their hope. Hope is what makes us differentiate from the other animals. I know, they say that it’s the language. Well, I’m saying that it’s the hope. The hope for a better life, the hope for a better world. When people lose their hope, they stop believing. They don’t believe in God anymore. They don’t believe in themselves anymore, especially if they are unable to change their current desperate situation.

When feeling hopeless, when people have nothing to hope for, they… hope. They hope that they will find something to believe in. Something that can bring their hope back. Searching for hope, many of these people come across crystals. Then, they just get their hope back. And this time, unlike the people of the first category, it’s a clear hope for healing. So these people find their healing in working with crystals. And then…they also stay there. Or at least, this is what my experience says.

How does this healing work?

why to believe in crystals: if people can interact with energy, they can interact with crystals

Even if I’ve promised that I won’t go into the Chakra Stuff, let me explain what do all these people actually “feel” when working with crystals. We, humans, generate electromagnetic fields. That’s energy. But that’s the kind of energy which can be easily changed or even manipulated. Quartz crystals, on the other side, accumulate piezoelectric energy, just like our bones and DNA. That’s the kind of energy which is stable and difficult to be changed. Other crystals, such as apatite, generate thermodynamic energy. Because of the very accurate atomic form of crystals, their energy remains steady. If people can interact with energy, they can interact with crystals. It’s as simple as that. Or, it’s just simple as feeling dizzy when having used the computer for 5 hours. It’s the f*cking energy.

“I am holding a crystal and I am not feeling nothing. Does that mean that I don’t have the charisma?”

Sadly, we people have forgotten not only to live in nature, but also to interact with nature. Because of the insane rhythm of our lives, sometimes we are even unable to interact with ourselves. It’s so crazy, that sometimes we can’t even say if we are stressed, sad, tired, or all at once. So it’s totally understandable that we can’t feel anything specific by just holding a crystal.

However, working with crystals or decorating with them is like meditation. At first, it’s like sitting and doing nothing. But, after a while, a whole new connection to our bodies is born. It’s not necessary to name it “meditation”. The relaxation exercises you learn to do when you are about to have a baby open up a whole new world, too. So it’s not any charisma that one needs to start working with crystals or implementing them in their homes. What we all need is to relax and take a moment to observe our body, its functions, its needs. Then, this “feeling” will slowly start to make its appearance. You can only notice your interaction with this energy if you are aware of your own body in its whole existence.

why believe in crystals, being happy at home, ways to display your crystals at home
Some of the first pieces of my crystal collection. I’m really emotionally attached to them.

How crystals can transform a space (and therefore, your life)

You don’t actually need to believe in crystals to see the big difference they can make in a space. Not only crystals are beautiful, but, especially when on an altar, they can protect you from smug or from the negativity of your aunt or from whatever you want, if you set the corresponding intentions. Combined with some feng shui basics, like the Energy Flow, (which shouldn’t be exclusively associated with feng shui, but that’s another post), crystals can totally transform your space into a place of your dreams, where the negative energy leaves the home and the positive energy you’re generating remains there and protects you. That was a very romantic end. I should write another one paragraph.

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At the end of the day. if you really want to learn why people believe in crystals, try it yourself. You may be surprised with the results.

Do you believe in crystals? Have you ever tried healing or decorating with crystals? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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