I was always pretty skeptical when it comes to modern terms and new-age things, in general (When it’s not about performance-coffee-machines. Anyway.). But this time, the difference is that the term Holistic Interior Design found me, not the other way. If you are not bored learning more about me and my history with Holistic Interior Design, click here. If you are, read more about how a holistic approach can have a positive impact on your life. Already bored? Then, please get away. I am sharing some important facts here.

Holistic Interior Design is more than “the right” when it comes to decoration.

“No, please don’t paint your bedroom red, you will experience sleep disorder! […] Whaaat? You didn’t know it? Red is the color of energy, you will be unable to sleep in a red bedroom!”

Have you ever heard something like that? Maybe it was not about your bedroom, but about the blue plates you desperately wanted to buy for your kitchen and everybody said you won’t eat anymore and starve because of them. While color theory and color psychology is very important for every design, here’s is the point with holistic interior design: you use the colors to get the energy YOU need from YOUR space, not the energy that THE SPACE/THE OBJECT HAS TO HAVE. Holistic Interior Design can offer the feeling you want your space to emit, not the feeling “designers” tell you it’s the right for that space. The secret is to learn how to listen to your needs. The only right thing to do when decorating your space is listen to yourself. Know what you need. Know the energy you are dreaming for. Do you feel like needing an energizing bedroom? Then, go for it. Approaching its design as a whole, (aka holistically) you can also improve your sex life or cash flow. Just go for it.

Holistic Interior Design is more than “green” and “sustainable”.

You don’t put plants to your space because you have to. Also not because green is good, or because of your consciousness about the environmental problems. Sorry, but you won’t save the planet by buying a f*cking plant. (Don’t misunderstand me, please. I love plants.) On the contrary, with the help of a professional, you choose the plants YOU need for your X Purpose. That’s the holistic approach. For example, some plants are more air purifying than others. Some need less care, while others are like a cat, you have to pet them everyday or they will eventually leave you. Which plant you will actually buy, depends on your needs. Not on your designer’s needs, not on their portfolio, not on your space’s needs. Who said a space has needs, anyway?

Funny story: I’ve actually visited a neighbor in Greece, once. Well, her living room was stuffed with every kind of plants you can bring in mind. The furniture was all natural, too. She also had a small fountain. It was in the middle of her 100 or more plants. That was neither “green”, nor “sustainable”. It was a nightmare.

Holistic Interior Design is more than feng shui and healing crystalls.

It’s about them, too. But this time, I am glad there is a term to describe what I wanted to achieve by becoming an Interior Decorator. That is: having the freedom and the knowledge to affect how I am feeling in a room. Being able to get the desired space feeling from scratch. Furthermore, I would love it to help you get the feeling YOU want from your space, as I take joy by helping others achieve their dreams and purposes. What is the better place to start from, if not our home? Holistic Interior Design combines all the elements which will contribute to having a space where your moments will become your best memories. These elements, are, for example, natural materials, lighting, healing crystals and many more.

Holistic Interior Design is linguistically “heavy” (proud of that).

The term “holistic” comes from a Greek word which means: “taking the all sides into consideration, seeing the whole“. Holistic Interior Design takes every aspect of a room into consideration. Its more important part? It does not forget the people using the room. A pretty room which people hate using it is the ugliest room you could ever imagine having in your house. Unless you live in a museum or only on Insta. And here we come on the last but most important point:

Holistic Interior Design is not all about beauty.

Forget the picture-ready places you see on Insta, wondering how the f*ck do they deal with a dropped cup of coffee on this shiny white table which stands on a shiny white carpet which covers a shiny white floor. The only thing these images can achieve is make you thinking “nah, this ain’t for me, I got children/a busy life/a career/all that and many more”. Though spaces designed with a holistic approach are pretty, their key-point is their functionality and their energy flow. What’s the best part in the photos of this kind of places? The smiling people’s face who actually use this room! (Ok, you got me, we do still make photos of rooms without people, so that you can see the whole design, let me be poetical, though!)

To summarize:

Holistic Interior Design Approach is all about:

  1. Helping you define and respect your needs regarding the uniqueness of YOUR life and YOUR personality (forget the trends, you hate rose gold, it reminds you your mother-in-law who hates you, why have it in your home?)
  2. Designing a space which supports and nourishes you through difficult times and brings the best IN YOU!
  3. Using natural and sustainable materials in combination with various techniques (color therapy, evaluation of electromagnetic fields, elements of light and more) to create harmony between the space and the people within.
  4. Creating a home where you can’t wait to come back to and live experiences which will turn to your best memories! (And not a space you are afraid to touch so that you won’t destroy its perfect design you paid a fortune for!)
  5. Starting with the best chapter of your life!

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