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I’m sure there was at least one morning, when you woke up and the kitchen was a nightmare: unwashed dishes, oil-stains, leftovers from the night before… How did that make you feel? Not so happy and calm, right? Well, it wasn’t because of an adopted role of the society telling you that you HAVE TO CLEAN your house, it was a logical mental reaction to clutter and dirt.

Scientific studies have proven how the quality of housing affects our mood and mental condition. I’ve recently read an interesting one, here. Some less controllable factors, such as the lack of natural light affect our mood and productivity, too.

The bad news is, we can’t always choose a big sunny house with garden in the country. The good news: we can take 100% control of our own place and its possible affects on our mood.

Here is how:

  1. De-clutter
  2. Get rid of the dust
  3. Decorate with colors which have a positive impact on your mood
  4. Hide everything you don’t like seeing (you”ll definitely need storage space for that.)
  5. Decorate minimal, yet with objects which can give you joy.

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