Well, how to store your makeup in the bathroom, when you’ve heard all the worse about this idea? Well, in reality, if you always open a window after a hot bath, the possibility that the humidity will destroy your makeup and the bacteria will come and eat the remains is not so high. I never keep expired products anywhere in the house, anyway, so I never really believed these scary stories with destroyed makeup. (should I? Tell me in the comments!). I am a big fan of storing makeup in the bathroom, as I did face some problems when I tried to keep them somewhere else! But, one should admit, the bathroom is maybe not the best place for us to keep our cosmetics we bought with hard earned money! That’s why we need a “know how” before we start storing all our makeup in the bathroom cabinets.

1. Never use makeup organizers whose material is not water resistant.

makeup organizers
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Always opt for a good quality plastic and have in mind that the material has to be resistant to the humidity and possible high temperatures! You don’t want a “sweaty” brush holder, do you? Check out this acrylic makeup display box with 9 drawers if you need both space and style!

2. Baskets are the answer on How to Store your Makeup in the bathroom.

Whether they are modern, chic or country, baskets can offer a cozy feeling and they are a perfect hiding spot for everything you don’t want your guests to see, plus you can find them in a price between $3 and $10! When storing your makeup in the bathroom, baskets are actually the protagonist. Especially when your bathroom is small, like mine.

how to store your makeup: baskets

That’s a photo of my bathroom. I actually have my makeup remover wipes, some mystical things I have forgotten they even exist and a cellulite massage roller! But you can only see these baskets. That’s the point.

3. Use a DIY tray divider as an additional tool. (or buy one)

Of course you can buy a tray divider, and there are some very good ones out there. But once I decided I needed to organize my makeup, I went to Woolworth’s here in Germany and they didn’t have dividers for cosmetics, so I bought a plastic tray for €1 and I am very proud of having saved this 2€ I would pay extra for a formal tray with the name “divider” on its case! What I want to say is, you can actually divide your drawers or shelves however you want, with whatever you want to use as a divider. Most importantly, it suits you, right?

how to store your makeup: drawer dividers

As you can see, I am not rich in makeup products (not that I am rich in money, anw). The main goal here is to show you that dividing your drawers does save space and they are very convenient to use, so opt for them, even if you have even less products than me!

3. Keep your makeup in category, NOT in color sections!

If we are speaking about organization and not decorating with makeup, you DO NEED to categorize your stuff. Of course, it is not necessary to make a brand’s organization, if that’s not what you truly need. Define your needs and categorize them. As you can see in the picture, I don’t have something you’d call a strict categorization in my drawer. I organized my makeup regarding the steps I follow when putting on my makeup:

steps to store your makeup in the bathroom

I actually may use the Maybelline Baby Skin first, but most of the times the row of use is the one written above. After every time, I put back first what I’ve used last, so that each of the products still has the same location.

And now you may say: “Ok, but why not in color sections? It’s so popular and cute and stylish!” Well, yes! I know! I’ve tried it too before I decided to throw away what I don’t really use and it was so good looking. But there was an important disadvantage: I would lose control over my makeup. I could not quickly separate the lip- from the eyeliner, I would put lipstick on my cheeks etc. Yeah, I’m a dumb one, ain’t I? Anyway, I do believe that it is way more practical to create the categorization which works well FOR YOU, not for the camera.

4. Do not keep your makeup products too close to each other. Hint: Similar height, shape or the purpose of products should not play any role.

Think about your casual moves when putting your makeup on: do you put mascara with the right or with the left hand? Are there any moves for which you need both hands? With which hand do you remove your makeup if you make a mistake? Do you usually leave your product down to take the pad with the same hand, or do you just use your left hand to take the pad while the eyeliner is still on your right hand? Think carefully about your usual hand moves before proceeding to any buy or placement.

It doesn’t make any sense to put your mascara among your brushes if that makes it difficult to find it when you need it. If you are considering buying a makeup organizer, check if its available space suits your needs, as many organizers have only one tall sector to place in everything bigger than a cream, which may look good in the picture, but it wouldn’t be that useful in the real life. Likewise, packing your mascara in the same place where you keep your cotton pads, just because you may need them in case you make a mistake, can only create a confusion on your moves.

(image from: Giphy.com)

5. Store your liquid lipsticks vertically.

Plus: Keep your brushes separately.

Storing your liquid lipsticks vertically will help you quickly recognize which one you need as you will be able to see their brand and color. As they have similar shape, make sure there is plenty of space so that you don’t take one accidentally, when you were actually looking for another.

hot to store your makeup in the bathroom: creative ideas for your brushes

As you can see, my everyday mascara is also here among the lipsticks! That’s because it is easier for me to pick it up from here comparing to the drawer (see #4!)!

Your brushes should have their own section. In my bathroom, as you see, they are quite far away from anything else, because I want to minimize the possibility of powder dust covering everything else! Plus you see the 2-hands-rule here. I use my brush with my left hand, so I put them there, while them lipsticks are on the other side, to be picked up with the right hand. You should always do whatever suits your needs, I am just saying, think about them needs, otherwise it’ll be a nightmare and you’ll end up packing everything in a bag just to stop seeing your stuff denying to get properly organized! (I followed this bag-system for years.. I know it well!)

6. Always have a small mirror.

A second mirror can help you to focus. Keep it on the other side of where your makeup is, as brushes in front of your most useful mirror is another only-for-pictures thing!

how to store your makeup in the bathroom

That’s my 5€ mirror near a plastic tray I use to put my lashes, my piercings and some jewelery. Oh, and some hair accessories, it depends on the mood!
I use this mirror to put my fake lashes on, after I’ve used the big one for the mascara!

So, these were my tips to organize your makeup in the bathroom. That’s the way organization is working for me, but that doesn’t mean that it should work the same for everyone! I just wanted to share what I believe would be helpful for many of you who are in the same place I was some months ago, asking how to store my makeup in the bathroom, as I am unable to store it anywhere else? Although, if you are more skilled than me, which I wish you, check my other article here, where I share my tips to perfectly organize your makeup in the bedroom. Be ready to invest on that, though!

What are your tips when it gets to organizing your makeup? Share them in the comments!

Disclaimer: The product links in this page are affiliate. The experiences and opinions are my own.

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