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How to organize your makeup if you are not a makeup pro? Well, for me, organizing my cosmetics was never a problem.

But that was before I even knew what contouring is. After years of me making fun of my friends, considering the “I don’t know where to put all that makeup” a ridiculous problem, the day came when I saw this:

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Ok, let’s admit it, it took more than one day and one picture to get persuaded that I actually NEED to contour my nose and really do all this stuff. But, anyway, I finally came to the point where I bought a makeup brush set, a powder, some bizarre brown liquid things in cylindric cases and things like that. And then I realized, I did not know how to organize all that makeup products I had bought! It was actually a long procedure, until I found the solution which was best working for me. I was reading everything online about how to organize your makeup, but most of the “solutions” I found there were only working for the person who wrote about them!

So, I just wanted to show you the steps I’ve followed until I found the organizing way I was happy about, so that you can avoid this long and tiring procedure (well, it was tiring for me, I don’t know how it seems to you, maybe you are genius at organizing-or maybe not, as if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this article, would you?-but for me it was a nightmare. But I made it. So, you can make it too!). Well, let’s see the strategy you”ll need to save you money and time AND some organizing tips which you can practically use to avoid losing your favorite stuff when organizing your makeup. (While also avoiding doing my mistakes, so you have 2 in 1 in this article!)

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There are some steps you need to follow BEFORE INVESTING IN ANY PRODUCT. First of all, you have to answer yourself a fundamental question:

Do I want my cosmetics to be visible or not?

This is an important decision to make, because if you don’t want your guests to see which lipstick brand you’re using, all these makeup organizers available out there are not useful to you. So you don’t need to waste your money on them. And, on the other hand, why buying this super cute cosmetic bag if you actually want to showcase your makeup (and not the bag)? You can decide whatever of this types of makeup storage solutions suits your needs best. In my case, I wanted to showcase some of my makeup, and hide the rest, but I”ll talk about that below. The second question you need to answer to yourself is:

Do I want to keep my cosmetics in the bedroom or in the bathroom?

Knowing whether you need to find storage place suitable to a bedroom or a bathroom is way more important than it seems, so be sure you know the answer before you proceed to any buys! (I’m telling you, the answer “in both” is not allowed, as you’ll make a marathon every morning try to find your mascara in the drawers of your dressing table while your eyeliner is above the toilet seat (been-there-done-that-don’t-ask-me-who-keeps-their-eyeliner-above-the-toilet-seat).

Now why am I insisting on a question which seems dumb? Besides the obvious goal of avoiding the above situation, deciding whether your cosmetics belong to the bedroom or to the bathroom is a matter of materials. If you decide to keep your cosmetics in the bathroom, avoid buying wooden storage boxes or any kind of non resistant to humidity plastic drawers. If you’re shopping online, double-check the material of the organizer you’re intending to buy. Avoid buying whatever, especially something wooden, whose manufacturer does not claim that it can withstand water. Lastly, keep your mirrored cosmetic cases in the bedroom, otherwise you will need to clean them twice a day (I don’t know if you are ok with that, I’m not, at least not anymore.)

Skip the paragraph below if you don’t want to read my sad story with non water-resistant furniture in the bathroom. 🙁

True story: I once had a non water-resistant wooden drawer (hence a truly wooden vintage drawer) in the bathroom, near the bathtub. It was so cool and I really miss it since I gave it to my mother, but I couldn’t stand anymore that after every bath I had to wipe using a water repellent detergent. And, believe me, I had to. I’m not hysterical, as every time I would avoid the wiping, I would see signs of humidity on the wood which could extend to destroying the wood.

Keeping your cosmetics in the bedroom: the options

To be honest, I tried that and it did not worked well for me, as I would always forget this damn eyeliner in the bathroom and I would not avoid the morning marathon (no, I do not have a big home, I just did the route way many times every morning…). But I know that it is a safe way to keep your bathroom out of clutter (did I mention how I hate clutter?) and your bedroom stylish and feminine! If you’re gonna select this option, you have to decide whether you want to invest on a ready made vanity drawer or on a DIY one. Both need some money, so, tight-budget-buddies like me, proceed to another article, please!

The DIY Option:

A DIY vanity drawer, image taken from Pinterest, Listin Webber.

When talking about DIY, no one means you have to buy wooden boards and connect them together or something like that. You could easily use the IKEA Planner to create and order your self designed vanity drawer at home! The key benefit of this option is the storage space, so I believe that this is something for the cosmetic passionates. The DIY option is usually more modern/contemporary and has more space than the cute vintage vanity drawer you can see below. That’s the usual option when buying something called “vanity drawer”. DIY in this case means “buy or design a desk, put a mirror above it and use it as a vanity drawer”, but, the truth is, you can actually buy a DIY-looking vanity table. The only difference of a DIY makeup table is that the mirror is not attached to the desk! Designing your desk from scratch allows you to put your needs in priority and have the absolute control, while it lets you choose only what suits your requirements!

how to organize your makeup: wayfair makeup vanity table

That’s actually a product you can find at!
how to organize your makeup: DIY vanity table for the cosmetic pro
Image found on Pinterest.

This is just a picture to show you how far the DIY can go. Don’t worry about the angular shape of the furniture you’ll need to design your personal vanity table. You can create the style you want by choosing the perfect seat and some decorative elements which suits you! I just chose to show you a cute-romantic style, in order you see that everything is possible with IKEA or IKEA-looking furniture!

The ready-to-buy option.

As you can see above, there are some pretty nice ready made vanity tables out there, which I honestly consider as the easiest solution regarding keeping your makeup in the bedroom, as they are usually cheaper and easier to move compared to the DIY vanity tables. They are stylish, cute tables with an attached mirror and some times with plenty of storage space, too. You can find a lot of choices with less than $200 out there, but be careful of the quality and the overall look of the space.

Vanity table to organize your makeup

This * Makeup Table has 5 storage drawers,an oval rotating mirror,a free cushioned stool and I found it in Amazon for $138.98 when bought with LED lights for the mirror! I consider it as a satisfying solution for someone who does not have a ton of cosmetics and loves this style.

I believe that the ready-made makeup tables can compete the DIY ones in price but not in the available space, although there are some pretty spacious makeup tables out there. This one by Wayfair has 4 roomy drawers and table top shelves which a place for everything, while, while there are also dressing tables with an attached mirror (like this one from John Lewis) which means that both the available space and the price blast off.

The add-ons.

Well, if you really opt into keeping your makeup in the bedroom, the furniture you decide to create or buy is not enough, as you will need some “segregation”. Unfortunately, if you choose to store the brushes in the same drawer where your powders are, there is a good chance that you’ll have dirty brushes much more often than normally because of the smallest, tiniest amounts of dust coming out of the powder boxes. (How can I describe it? I’ve done that. I am not proud of it, but, I’m saying again, who else can you trust for this matter if not someone who has done EVERYTHING you need to avoid?)

Add-on #1: Makeup organizer drawers

*found in

You will need them for two reasons, the first is for decorative purposes, the second is having where to put what you’ve just used without making your furniture dirty or untidy looking.

Add-on #2: Drawer organizers

*found in

Trays and dividers will help you organize your cosmetics in categories so that you can easily find them. Your drawers will look tidy and clean. It’s a must-have for whoever does not like the idea of visible cosmetics or makeup as a decorative element.

Add-on #3: The oh!-I-didn’t-wait-it storage space.

*found in

Hide your treasures in your seat and cover them with rose gold velvet for the perfect storage-recipe! Have in mind that you can use almost every tiny corner. Don’t forget the hidden place inside your seat, which is a “lost” place, until you discover the proper seat, which lets you use this place without sacrificing style!

Add on #4: The place for “the rest of it”

*found in

We all have some makeup we either don’t use often, or whose packaging is destroyed but we continue using them, anyway the makeup we don’t have in the front line for any reason. We do need something to put all this stuff into. I am recommending a bag, as it is something easy to hide, something you can put nearly everywhere.


Most of the times, keeping your makeup in the bedroom needs some investing from your side in order to create your makeup table of your dreams. There is the DIY option, where most of the time you buy or design a desk and a mirror above it (LED lighting is always a nice and clever option to give your vanity table a Hollywood look), but you can always opt for a ready made vanity table. The designs vary from Vintage to Nordic and so does the size of the storage drawers. Buying a vanity table can be relatively cheap, but prices vary depending on the available storage space or the material. For an extra dose of organization, divide your cosmetics in your drawers or put them in stylish so called “organizers”, actually small drawers or holders. Have in mind to use every inch of the available space and don’t forget a stylish bag to put your stuff in!

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