Crystals are all around right now, for a good reason, and hopefully will be for a long time! Even if you are fully comfortable with crystal healing and already have your crystal corner at home, you may want some more ideas to actually decorate with crystals! So, except for raw crystals on a metal base, what else can you do?

But, you may ask.. Why should I even consider decorating with crystals? (Crystal Junkies, please proceed to number 1!)

“These are pieces of the Earth with their own gravitational force or energy, and you can feel it.“, said Sadie Kadlec in an article of Live Science. Well, I’m not a scientist, I’m a simple human being. I don’t really care if it’s placebo or not, as it is stated in the article (not by Sadie). If it works, it works. Crystal healing has worked for me on a mentally level and for many people as well. If something worked for my mother, no scientist will tell me that it’s “not true”.

However, if you are asking yourself why you should even believe in crystals, read this.

In holistic interior design, crystals play a central role, as they emit energy which can protect your home from the negativity and stress. Holistic interior design can actually change your life. At least, it changed mine!

So let’s see how you can decorate with crystals, aka fill your home with positive vibes with style!

1. Add a Crystal Pyramid

how to decorate with crystals: Place a Shungite Pyramid on your desk, next to your laptop, for example. The Shungite Pyramid is an extremely powerful tool for EMF protection, physical healing, work performance and root chakra healing. Incorporating a Shungite Pyramid into your space is said to balance and regulate the energy field, correcting any imbalances and strengthening the frequencies. It also acts as a protector and amplifier, as well as a transformer of negative, harmful or electromagnetic energy.
Photo by Energy Muse

Decorating with crystals does not mean that we will forget their healing properties!

That’s why we are starting with Shungite for EMF protection, as radiation is one of the biggest problems of our modern life.You can just place a pyramid like this on your dresser, on your desk, wherever you want. Shungite, the most powerful tool for EMF protection, neutralizes the negative effects of different types of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. So place it somewhere near a device… And you’ll feel the difference!

Shungite Pyramide to decorate with crystals , crystals healing, found on Etsy
I’ve actually just bought this wonderful crystal from Karelianmasters, that’s their photo on Etsy.

I know what you are thinking… Adding a pyramid on a desk does not mean decorating with crystals! That’s why you should…

2. Decorate a table or a dresser with a crystal table lamp!

I found this wonderful lamp on Pinterest by Shade of Lights! Each crystal is placed by hand by their trained artisans, so each piece is truly unique!

Decorate your dresser adding a crystal lamp. These lamps are usually made of quartz crystals, which are very strong and durable. Choose the crystal of your choice to add a specific color or vibe to your space.

3. Decorate your windows with a crystal suncather

I found this photo here!

Decorate your window with a crystal suncatcher and let the sun and the rose quartz do the rest for you… Just imagine the light coming through the quartz and the wind slightly letting the strings move. This suncatcher can really open up your space for love and joy. Plus, it’s wonderful! You can find it on Etsy!

4. Grow an air plant on a raw crystal

Photo by Dossier

What’s more wonderful than combining crystals with plants? Besides, it is a wonder of Nature, how these plants can grow and flourish on a crystal! There is a how-to on that by Dossier, if you are not the plant-savvy type!

5. Hang a Crystal Himmeli

Photo by Home & Aura

Another way to decorate with crystals is to just… Hang them! If you love himmelis, think about buying one with a crystal on it or place a crystal on your existing one. However, if you choose the second way, beware of the law of gravity!

6. Place your favorite crystals on a decorative tray

How to decorate with crystals: Put crystals on a tray!

Well, that’s how I decorated my space with my crystals. I put the crystals I love on a beautiful, antique tray I got from my mother, which she got from her grandmother. So, this piece has a long history and it’s very important for me! Then, I added some lights and that’s it. Actually, I love this idea more than anything, cause it’s super personalized, very easy to implement and it adds a romantic vintage note to my home. I feel so calm, relaxed and protected when I am near it. I usually put it on my ottoman or on the low board in the dining room. Anyways, my last advice to you is to use your grandma’s tray for a good reason!

Bonus idea:

Instead of a tray, you can showcase your crystals and decorate your space placing them in a nice glass, a crystal bowl, or a decorative plate. Anything you got from your grandma or the antique shop will do!

how to decorate with crystals, e-book

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