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Do you have a large wall in your living room you don’t know what to do with?

how to decorate large walls in the living room

Indeed, that’s something that can take too much time, many arguments (especially if the your partner has a different style), and it can be expensive, too.

Find out the top ideas that save you time and money in decorating the large wall behind or in front of your sofa in the living room.

1. Create a (themed) gallery wall

I’ve recently discovered @my.lovely.hygge.home on Instagram and I just fell in love with her style! If you look closely, you can see that her beautiful gallery wall has a theme and a color palette. She preferred pal and grey-white tones for her pictures. Regarding the topic of her gallery wall, every image is an image of nature. In addition, she has chosen the same wood for every of her frames. This way, she has created a special nature-themed unit on her wall. To complement the pictures, she added a flower-crown which is actually a candlestick, too (how did you do that, girl?!) and a macrame wall hanging.

To decorate your large wall in the living room with a gallery wall, choose a theme and stick to it. Although, keep in mind that a strict color palette or using the same materials for every part of the gallery wall is not necessary! For example, let’s say your theme is “Pride”. Instead on sticking on a monochromatic frames pattern to showcase your pictures, you can play with all the rainbow colors and many different materials! Feel free to express yourself when creating a gallery wall. Please, don’t choose anything just because it’s a trend. After all, it’s your wall, not ELLE’s cover page.

2. Opt for an Extra large wall art.

wall art to decorate large walls of living room, huge painting by Julia Kotenko
Wall Art by Julia Kotenko (available here)

Instead of trying to mix and match various frames, choose one and pair it with your favorite painting or printing. Want to learn more about how to style your extra large printings? Then read Kara Rosenlund’s article! Go check her printings, too, she’s an amazing photographer! An extra large piece of art in the living room can also function as the room’s focal point. That means, all eyes are on that when entering the room. You can leave the rest of the wall as it is. Sometimes you can even leave the rest of the room as it is. Who would look around for dust if you have such a piece of art in your home? Let me tell you: Nobody. So we’ve got a win-win situation.

3. Create a truly one-of-a-kind Piece of Art.

Sound Wave Canvas - A Personalized Design Using Your Voice On Canvas Add a beautiful personalized canvas to your home decor. Find out more at Canvas Vows

Why get lost in the search for the perfect art work, when you can decorate your large wall in the living room with your own creation? Thanks to graphic and sound manipulation software, it is possible to convert sound to image and create a truly elegant work of art for your home, using your own voice or an already existing recording. That’s actually the anniversary gift I want to buy for my boyfriend! If you opt for a personalized wall art, you got all the benefits of the second option, plus your OWN piece of art!

4. Opt for an adhesive Wallpaper or a Mural

This incredible wallpaper’s name is Mischievous Monkeys and you can find it here.

A tapestry or wallpaper can have a beautiful effect on your large wall, which wouldn’t be just a wall anymore, but the reflection of your personality. Using a Mural or a Wallpaper, you can bring in a feature to your interior. I mean, every edge of it. Provided that wallpapers are “your thing”, go search for something that would reflect your style, and, ta daaan! You’re done with the dilemmas “what to put here” and “what to put there”. Furthermore, a wallpaper is waterproof, sound absorbing and heat insulating. Lastly, wallpapers are widely used by Interior Designers, as they can refine a space. For example, bold colors and dark backgrounds can optically reduce a wall’s height and add depth to a room. So, why not? Most wallpapers are adhesive, anyway!

5. Play with the Lights

how to decorate a large wall in the living room
I found this Photo here, together with an article on how to use LED lights to add a dramatic effect to any space!

Another way to get rid of the thousand hours of brainstorming on how to decorate the large walls of your living room is to add light to them! It’s common, nowadays, to use pure light for much more than lighting purposes. I mean, when light itself is the decoration instead of the lamp or the pendant. With LED, you can do it easily and cheaply. Your electrician is just a call away, if you can’t attach the LED strings on the wall on your own.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

how to decorate a large wall in the living room, big mirror on the floor
Beautiful Design by Kirstendiane on Pinterest!

A large and tall mirror on the floor not only decorates the wall, but also gives depth to the place and highlights the furniture and their color combination. As it reflects the floor or/and the carpet, too, it makes the space look bigger. Lastly, by reflecting the light, any space with a mirror seems brighter and sunnier. If your mirror is tall enough, then you’ve got an extra advantage: your living room looks twice its size!

7. Add a (sustainable) Wall Hanging

wall hanging big walls living room decoration ideas
By FREIRAUMREH – Eco Fair Fashion on Pinterest! It seems you ain’t gonna need any furniture in this design! You’ve already got the feeling of a living space!

I really love this trend of 2019! If you’d have no problem adding a bohemian, coastal or farmhouse touch to your home, then you’re gonna love these sustainable wall hangings! Depending on their size, you can use them on every wall. A big, large hanging covers enough of the surface to let you decorate the rest without feeling lost. Otherwise, you can place the hanging in the middle of the wall and let the rest plain, creating a focal point, like you’ll do with a painting.

8. Transform your living room into a book lover’s paradise

living room with a big bookshelf and tapestry on the walls
Persa Kyrtopoulou pinned this beautiful photo, and I chose it because the other two walls have a tapestry, so we can see some of the listed decoration ideas combined!

A bookshelf (preferably a large one) can turn even the most disturbingly spacious room into a warm, cozy corner. Plus, it can be combined with some of the other ideas listed above on how to decorate your large walls. For example, in this photo, the other two walls have a nice tapestry. So, guessing without having seen the fourth wall… They are done decorating without having hanged anything on the walls!

how to decorate without hanging anything on the wall
“What? They didn’t hang anything on the walls and they still have a living room? And it’s decorated? And it looks nice?”

So you love books, you love the idea of a large bookshelf, but you know that these things are costly. It also happens for you to like a more relaxed style. Well then, I got you! You can actually create a hanging bookshelf on your own, following the instructions in this article: “Spectacular DIY Farmhouse Shelves

9. Combine your favorite ideas of this list

mix and match living room ideas. how to decorate wall
By: Chris loves Julia
on Pinterest

When finding an idea you love, don’t hesitate to combine it with any other idea you have or saw somewhere. So, you can have a nice tapestry with bold colors, a large painting above sofa, a big mirror on the floor and a bookshelf with a gallery wall. Nobody can tell you what exactly you are gonna do with your walls. We can only try to inspire you to create your own, unique masterpieces of design which reflect your style and personality!

How about you? Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to decorate the large walls in living room? Share them in the comments, please! More inspiration is always welcomed!

Disclaimer: some of the links provided above are affiliate. I want you to know that I only promote what I truly believe as helpful and trustworthy. I’ll be happier if you commented about how my ideas have helped you than having earned a commission through something you bought, without knowing if it gave you joy or not! But, if both happen, I’ll be the happiest woman on earth, cause I’ll can celebrate the fact I’ve helped you with an ice-cream bought with the commission money! Doesn’t it sound like true happiness?

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