Well, for anyone other than the Queens of Minimalism, creating storage space in a kitchen full of things is a burning issue. Minimalism does not belong to the kitchen, anyway. I’m the last person who’s going to tell you to give up the pricey juicer you use once a year! (why should you, anyway?)
However, we have to admit, those things are usually big and difficult to hide, while they need a lot of space. Let me share my best tips on how to create storage space in every kitchen.

The thing is, every kitchen is different. Your kitchen is unique. To solve its storage problem, you have to find the source of the space problem in your kitchen, by answering the following question:

how to create storage space in kitchen best tips

What takes the most place in your pantries and kitchen cabinets?

In my kitchen, it’s my kitchen appliances, pots, pans and… food! (I did not buy that pricey juicer, anyway…) Food needs a lot of space and sometimes reclusion, for example onions. In your kitchen, the source may be the cat food supplies or the laundry detergents.

Whatever your main space problem may be, let me show you some ideas to create more storage space in your kitchen, without throwing away your favourite objects.

1. Starting from the low (storage space in the cabinets)

how to create storage space in kitchen best tips
Containers Store Starter Kit: my next buy, cause
sometimes, getting started is the hardest part of getting organized. I’ve actually heard that somewhere.

2) DIY Cupboard

This wonderful picture belongs to the owner of the Instagram account: farmhouse.lifestyle

Well, the basic idea here is: hanging fruits and vegetables.
You could buy a ton of mounted baskets, 10€ each, here.

  • As an alternative, you can find a standing basket like that for 31€ on Amazon.

3) Spice, spice, baby

how to create storage space in kitchen best tips
That’s my small, cheap and cute spice rack ! I’m only showing it to you so you can see, that you need neither a lot of money nor super creativity to make something useful and nice!

I used to lose my spices and search for them in a bunch of different cabinets, it was a nightmare. So I bought this small shelf. It’s actually too small for me now, but it did its work when I truly needed it! There’s a bunch of spice racks or shelves out there, they save space and make your unused corners look busy and cute! Ah, and don’t forget the hacks!

4) Use the available space on your counter (tipp: food vases & containers!)

how to create storage space in kitchen best tips
storage space food containers kitchen cozy

A small but tidy corner on your counter can save you a lot of storage space in your cabinets! That’s what happened with me! Plus, it’s pretty. Do not forget to clean them often, though, as they tend to collect cooking oils on them (I can’t explain it in a better way). That’s 3x spaghetti packs, 2x rice packs and 2x penne packs in 3 beautiful food containers right there! I’m taking this photo, when the rice vase isn’t full, so that you can see, these things are not only nice when photographed by experts! They continue to be nice and to create a cozy feeling when in use, too!

5) Free your cabinets: Displace their content on a plate shelf!

how to create storage space in kitchen best tips
This plate rack from IKEA costs only 50€!

I know it will be fuller with your plates on it. Mine, too! But it’s ok! I have already ordered this beautiful plate rack and I can’t wait to have it in my kitchen.

How about you? Are you gonna use some of my tips to create more storage space in your kitchen? I”ll be glad to know, and also to read your ideas in the comment section below!

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