It was only some months before my mom announced me she was dealing with lung cancer when I had just started researching various crystal’s abilities. My goal at the time was to use crystals to reduce my stress levels by achieving a holistic approach to my apartment’s design. It would have never occurred to me to see crystals as a part of an actual healing process if I wouldn’t have been desperately searching for solutions to “save” my mother. Sadness and something like a heavy burden in my heart was all I could feel at the time. Honestly, this is as literal as it can be: I was actually feeling this burden. The reason was that I couldn’t visit her: I was working in Germany at the time, being unable to take time off, otherwise I would get fired.

Some months later, when I finally managed to visit my home in Greece, I saw my mother in her worst. She was unable to walk without her walking stick, while she could hardly eat. By the time of my visit I had finished my first Crystals Healing Course. I was prepared: I had bought 12 crystals for her to choose from. She had no idea of the whole crystals thing. But she was curious to try it out. She was seeing it as a game back then.

The Cleansing

We sat watching the water falling on the crystals for 15 minutes. Seeing them shining among moving water bubbles was such a pleasant experience. It was like the cancer had gone away. All we both felt was a calming excitement, something I’ve never felt after. It was our first time! We couldn’t wait to start the actual healing process. *You can learn more about crystals cleansing methods or why we even have to cleanse the crystals before working with them by reading my free e-book. Even if its focus is decoration, the steps of which you will read below are thoroughly analyzed in the book. *

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The Choosing

As I’ve mentioned before, I had bought a couple of crystals for my mom to choose from. And here comes the actual exciting part. The moment when I thought, “oh my God, this thing may actually work.”: without knowing the crystals’ names or abilities and with me being totally neutral (I swear!), she weighted the crystals in her hand and chose the 4 ones whose abilities are said to be connected with her actual problems!

The Crystals

Crystal for cancer: Rose Quartz. It keeps fear away. It's associated with self-love, good sleep and being in track with our feelings.
Rose Quartz to keep fear away. It’s associated with self-love, good sleep and being in track with our feelings.
Crystals for cancer: black tourmaline for Detox and Protection. It helps against anxiety and every negative energy.
Black Tourmaline for Detox and Protection. A physical painkiller. It helps against anxiety and every negative energy.
Tiger's Eye: Healing Crystal for strength, energizing, courage and vitality.
Tiger’s Eye for strength, energizing, courage and vitality.
Crystals for cancer: Lepidolite. This stone is an energy stabilizer. Assists with nerve related disorders such as nerve pain and boosts the immune system.
Lepidolite. This stone is an energy stabilizer and it has a power to relieve emotional suffering. It assists with nerve related disorders such as nerve pain and boosts the immune system.

So, the reason I was actually shocked was because my mom suffered from night terrors and extreme fear. In addition to that, she was at the time often saying that she was feeling a negative energy in her room. Regarding her physical problems, she suffered from spinal pain, while she also had various nerve pains in her body. It’s obvious that her immune system was not at its best, too… In addition to that, compassion was all that she needed, right?

The Intentions Setting

We left the chosen crystals on the ground, in her favorite flower pot, overnight in a full-moon night. Before leaving them, I said loud that I want them to help my mother overcome the problems related with the disease. I actually begged them to save her…

The Energy Cleansing

Energy cleansing with sage
Smudging with sage is one of the most effective energy cleansing methods. We cut and burned the sage we have in our yard, but if you live in a big city like me, try out the sage cleansing kit by Energy Muse. It’s wonderful.

My mom had suddenly become very resistant to almost every smell. She couldn’t even use her favorite Lancome Body Lotion. However, she literally LOVED it when we smudged the house. She said that she noticed big differences not only in her mood, but also in her sleep that night. She was smelling the sage for days after the cleansing and she was always smiling, when the air brought the smell closer, even if some days had passed.

The Healing

We tried a lot of healing methods with these crystals. We even made Chakra Healing Sessions and a Crystal Grid! Every night my mother kept her crystals in a small bag near her pillow. She was holding them in her hand before sleep. Day by day, she noticed that two of the crystals were attracting her more: Rose Quartz and Lepidolite. She also confessed that the vibes of Black Tourmaline were too strong for her to keep it near her pillow. However, she mentioned that “somehow this stone makes me feel safer”. So we moved it on a shelf in the entrance of the room.

At this point, let me add something important: my mother belongs to the most rational persons I have ever met. She was never drawn to metaphysical issues, either. In addition, she has experience with relaxation exercises, as she had worked as a childbirth assistant before she became a teacher. That’s why, my mother would be the only person I would so easily believe when she spoke about a difference between a crystals healing session and a normal relaxation exercise. (In case you’re not familiar with this terminology, relaxation exercises are quite like meditation exercises without the whole yoga-minded background.

What Made Me Cry (in both ways)

It was a morning when my mother didn’t feel well. An ambulance came. We went to the hospital which had emergency service on that day (not the one where she had her chemotherapy treatment). When she fell asleep, I kept holding her hand, while placing the Rose Quartz stone between our palms. I spent two hours concentrating on the energy which I wanted the crystal to send to my mother. When she woke up, she told me she had the best sleep of her night. She was feeling significantly better. She hadn’t noticed or felt the crystal. After all, she had no idea what I was doing while she was asleep. On that morning, I cried from happiness.

My mother asked me to do “this thing with the crystal” every time she wanted to relax and fall asleep. We were so happy as we were seeing her getting better! After a couple of days, we had to go back to the hospital where she’d had her treatments. The patients were too many, much more than the hospital’s capacity. The doctors were too busy. Our doctor abandoned us. He didn’t even allow us, the family, to go see him. I still don’t know why, neither can I imagine a reason. He told us that he couldn’t because my mom went to another hospital while in an emergency. Eventually, she died. On that morning, I cried from despair.

The circumstances’ of my mother’s death were the worst that one can imagine. I knew that she was going to die, as she was in the end stage of cancer when we got the diagnosis. I never thought of replacing the doctors’ treatment with crystals, nor was I against the doctors’ sayings. However, I still believe that they either did a mistake that they wanted to hide, or they just let her die on morphine, abandoned, because her case couldn’t offer them another success story.


I wrote this post for every patient’s friend of relative who’s searching ways to relieve their loved ones. I’m happy I could offer my mother some moments of relaxation and security, while helping her to sleep well and reduce the feeling of pain. For a cancer patient, even the slightest reduction of pain is a big relief. I could never imagine my mother asking me to use a crystal on her. However, she did and she honestly admitted she was feeling better afterwards. Well, I didn’t save her. But I did everything I could to make her feel better. I tested and overcame my limits, not only regarding crystals healing, but in general.

As you can see, their abilities of the crystals’ I’ve mentioned can be useful with many problems that almost every cancer patient faces. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the knowledge to choose more specifically aimed crystals yet. However, that’s also the reason I can strongly recommend these crystals if you’re not yet so confident with Crystals Healing. In case you can invest in a variety of crystals, please do so and let the patient choose what attracts them more. Using our intuition is key when working with crystals. One thing I learned from my mother’s death is that we actually don’t exactly know how the universe works, what’s true, what’s not. I’m sure for one thing: there’s a lot we can’t see, but what we can’t see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

PS: I would leave my job and go home earlier if I knew exactly her situation. She had only told me a small part of the truth, only so that I wouldn’t quit everything to go help her, or just be with her. I still can’t quite understand her on that point. But, like she always said, “Someday you’ll become a mother. Then you will understand.”

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