Hello, my sweet American readers! If you’re searching for the best Fourth of July Decor Ideas, that’s the spot! I’ve gathered all my favorite decor ideas for the American Independence Day. To start with, I just wanted to say that I actually love this day and I always wanted to find myself in a lovely American farmhouse celebrating it, even if I’m Greek. This day has such a strong meaning, as it’s the day when a Nation which is built from people who traveled so far wanting to change their lives and challenge their destiny finally got away of the oppression and became free. But let’s not get too emotional. Let me present you my favorite decor ideas for the Fourth of July! Who knows, you may be able to get inspired and create the best Fourth of July decor. I may display it next year, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your photos!

1. The patriotic Wooden Crate

fourth of July decor ideas, DIY wooden crate with the American flag for the Independence Day
By Leslie, found it on her wonderful blog.

She actually made this herself, using less than 6 materials including a plain wooden create and less than 10$. So, if you have some time, I would definitely advice you to re-create it. It’s perfect with the flowers in it and it would complement your farmhouse style, but it’s a nice decor for outdoors, too! Another option would be to use it as a flower pot, if you could find a box of the same dimensions (actually, slightly smaller than the crate). You can create some holes on its bottom so that you can water your plant, and then use this crate as a frame for your flower pot! Would you like to re-create this wooden crate for your Fourth of July decor? Read the instructions here.

2. The Patriotic Wooden Door Hanger

DIY fourth of July decor idea for the American Independence Day. Wooden cutout of the USA map, painted with red and white stripes, containing the following text "United States of America"
By Christine, found here.

That’s another creative DIY idea for the Fourth of July decor, which you need a couple more items (about 10) and some desktop work for, too, as you’ll need to create the writing on the map. I find it incredibly unique as you can personalize its text and write whatever means Home for you on this map.

3. Decoration with Flags of Various Sizes

vintage cottage living room, decorated for the American Independence Day
That’s the beautiful vintage living room of Liz Marie

Liz Marie, one of my favorite bloggers, decorated her living room by hanging an antique flag behind her couch on her “cottage sign”. Some smaller antique flags and the blue and red stripes pillows she bought complement this cozy, vintage style and create the perfect Fourth of July decor!

4. The Patriotic Porch

Fourth of July Decor for your Porch. Decorate with American Flags and Pillows with stars and stripes!
TRENDUHOME has some gorgeous ideas for Porch Decoration on Independence Day!
Fourth of July Decor for your Porch. Decorate with American Flags and Pillows
Gorgeous Porch Decoration by Woodoes on Pinterest

Do you have a porch? If yes, don’t forget to decorate it for the fourth of July, as that’s a perfect chance to show everyone your gorgeous style! I like both the idea of the vintage wooden USA flag and the oval patriotic sheet with the stars and stripes! As you can see, various pillows with the colors of the American flag complement every Fourth of July decor. Actually, I think that pillows make every place look just cozier. (struggling to style your sofa with cushions? Click here for some inspiration).

5. The WOW (!) Fourth of July Decor

fourth of July Decoration Ideas
I found this incredibly beautiful picture on Instagram. I mean, just visit her profile… Her style is amazing.

Well, I saved the best for last. When I saw this picture on Instagram, I simply adored it. In my opinion, what makes this Fourth of July decor unique is its unpredictable symmetry. The small flags are gathered on the one size of the table, while the vintage clock on the other side balances the design. I’m just speechless. I mean, look at these fluffy cushions behind the pillows with the stars design in the baskets! That’s my personal favorite for the Fourth of July Decor, although I have to admit that I’ve been inspired from every other picture I posted here!

Which one is your favorite? What are your decor ideas for the American Independence Day? Let me know in the comments! I like gathering creative ideas, and, don’t forget, creativity remains creativity! Only the flags may change!

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