Have you ever struggled with waking up? Did your housemates, your partner, your mom ever complain about you waking up miserable? Or did you ever looked yourself in the mirror (maybe while brushing your teeth or trying to fix this eyeliner-nightmare) thinking “why is my life like that?”

I have.

It has happened to me to over-react in the morning only because I did not found my favorite milk in the fridge. Or hating myself because I forgot to prepare a to-go-meal and I would starve at work (one more time…). It all started at Highschool, when my mom was struggling to persuade me to start my day positiver. I was unhappy in the mornings because I hated school but I was returning home being OK (plus, I have bought something to eat). The same happened to me for years ( I mean, maybe until a month ago.)

But, why couldn’t I start my day in a better way?

I understood that it was not my life, which sucked so much. It was me who could not appreciate MY TIME. If you do not like the school, your job, your daily must-do activities, why should you destroy the rest of your time, too? Maybe just to justify your disatisfaction? That was my case. Long story short (or, better, my way of thinking, oversimplified) : Why should I have a good time and enjoy a breakfast while I was going to suffer all day long doing something I do not love?

This is me in the morning for the past 8 years.

So you could now say: why don’t you fucking change your life instead of wondering how to wake up happier? Well, the answer is simple: You cannot change your life being miserable and sad about it. To be able to change your life you have to get the power to do so. Feeling miserable and desperate does not give you the strength to go outhere and get what you want (if only it was so simple….) But, starting with small tricks and treats for yourself you will start appreciating your time, yourself and, lastly, YOUR LIFE more. Because, hating your daily activities SHALL NOT be identified with hating yourself, with not allowing yourself to enjoy a morning in your home, alone or with your beloved ones.

Below you can see some trusted tricks, proven (by me xD) to positively affect your mood in the morning:

1. Buy yourself a couple of cute pyjamas, cute socks or cute underwear (yes.)

Well, it all starts at night before. Having a nice evening with friends, enjoying intimate moments with your boyfriend or having a nice beauté the night before are all nice tricks, but their positive power is PROVEN TO NOT LAST TILL THE MORNING AFTER. (not for me, anyway. but they are all good.) Sleeping and waking up beautiful is a difficult procedure, because it needs a lot of work with ourselves. We can, though, “cheat” and accelerate this working-with-ourselves-procedure by waking up looking cute (or sexy, whatever makes you happier. Sexy does not work for me, not in the morning…) So, a couple of cute night-wear can make you happier looking yourself in the mirror. Buy a present for you. Say “no, I cannot be SO SAD while I am feeling so comfortable in my new night-wear”. Prefer bright colours and happy designs. Why do you believe that so many women out there buy bunny-looking pyjamas? They feel happier in them. Now, I am not saying you should dress like a bunny to be happy in the morning. It worked for me with socks. I thought, not only are my feet warm, but they are also so cute-looking that I cannot be so sad about my day anymore. It is nice to go out there, looking gorgeous and wearing your cutest underwear. It makes you feel comfortable. Treat yourself with something that you will make you smile when looking yourself in the mirror. No big changes. Whatever can make you think “I take care of myself and I am too damn sweet/cute/sexy (add the adjective which works for you) to give a fuck.!”

2. Eat/drink something healthy besides your coffee and make it a ritual.

I am a coffee-lover. I am one of these persons who cannot speak until their coffee is ready. (yes, I do not even need to start drinking it to feel better). But my mornings did get better when I bought a couple of oranges and made a nice orange juice, which I enjoyed before my coffee. I do believe you shall make this on your own. Do not ask your bf/housemate/mom/dad to do it for you. I do believe they will be affectionate enough to do it, especially when they see you being sad a lot the last months/years but it works better when you are making the step to do it for yourself. Make it look like an intimate, healthy moment that you are offering yourself EVERY MORNING. Now, the buying procedure is also part of the ritual. So you got 2 in one, as you get a satisfaction every afternoon you know you are going to buy your unique, healthy minute. It can be oranges, ananas, mango, I don’t know. It can be broccoli, if it works for you. (broccoli is not scientific proven to make you happier, though). It is better if it is in a liquid form, as drinking water or a juice positively affects your health and your energy. And you do need this energy.

3. Prepare the spot of your house where you want to have your breakfast.

Having breakfast among unwasched disses, dirty towels and left-overs from the night before does affect your mood: NEGATIVELY. Clean the kitchen before going to sleep. Prepare a nice looking table, with flowers and beautiful table mats. You deserve a 5 star environment, offer it to yourself. Get rif of the clutter in your kitchen and, if you can’t, find your spot. The place where YOU, the queen of your house will enjoy her breakfast. Cheat it: you don’t need the perfect home to have a breakfast. It can be a nice looking table, a side table in your livingroom near an armchair you will claim as your throne, it can be even a corner of a table, where your seat will be decorated with a comfortable pillow.

4. KNOW what you will wear.

Well I have passed thousands of morning, almost running desperate from the bedroom to the bathroom (I still do not know why I preferred this route) not knowing what to choose to wear today. Make a favour to yourself: dedicate 5 to 10 minutes of your time every evening, (it is much quicker when you do it the day before) to decide what you want to wear and hang it to a visible place, in a decent way. (I have also wasted a couple of mornings trying to find where I have put the clothes I would wear that day). This way, the time you would otherwise waste in searching an outfit is now yours, to relax and enjoy your breakfast!

5. It all starts from a healthy sleep.

Whatever trick you use, whatever you try to feel better in the morning, you won’t if you are tired and you have lack of sleep. Prepare your bed from the morning before, change the sheets (they have to be clean and smell nice so that you can have a comfortable sleep) and give yourself at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep every night. If you have problem dedicating “so many” hours to sleep, then start it gradually. At first, 5 hours (if you sleep less), then 6, 7 and finally, 8, which is the dream goal. If you reach 7 you are in a good level. After a couple of days with 7 hours sleep, you will notice the difference in your mood, even if you haven’t tried any other “mood-tricks”. To secure that your goal is approachable, set a time table, for example: eat at 21:00-22:00 (if you eat at 19:00 or 20:00, congratulations, skip the paragraph) and not later than that. Avoid junk food, especially in the dinner. If you think, you do not have time to finish everything you have to do AND go to sleep at a reasonable time, INTERRUPT IT. Nobody will kill you because you didn’t finish a project, one time. By the next time, you will already have organised your schedule in a way that your project will be finished before you HAVE TO go to sleep. Interrupting something, even if it gets you critisized by yourself, your colleagues or your boss, is like saying to yourself: I choose you over every job, over every negative opinion. This is the goal we want to succeed. Offer yourself, to your body, to your mind, what it needs to stay healthy, so that you can be healthy, too.

so that you can start your day in the best way possible!


In the morning you are on your own. No bf, no parents, no housemates can affect your mood so as you. Especially in these mornings, where we wake up hating everything and everyone, no affection and fondness can solve our problem, but only our attitude towards ourselves. Give yourself time in any way possible. Help yourself feel nice, healthy and pretty bust, most important: give yourself the rest you need to move forward, to handle your problems, and, why not, to change your life.

Let me know your opinion in the comments. What tricks do you use to wake up and start your day in a better mood?

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