“Oh my God, I cannot relax anywhere, even in my own home.” Have you ever felt like that? I have. After completing my studies at the Interior Design Institute, I created this Blog to help you improve the energy in your space, as a starting point for every change you want to do in your life. Holistic Interior Design gave me the opportunity to change, and I am here to share this experience with you.

You will not hear the “since I was a child, I wanted to become an Interior Designer” bullsh*t from me.

And sorry for the profanity, that’s just how I am. I have always drawn rooms as a child. Rooms with happy people in them, rooms in scale, rooms and furniture in 3D. I have (and still do) always read about Interior Design, History of Architecture and Design Techniques. I just hated maths. So I chose to become a Teacher. Because helping people, as cliche as it sounds, was always a dream of me.

I did want to help people improve their living and their personal spaces, though. That since I was a child.

I’ve helped all my friends and relatives to design their homes. I’ve also created posters, graphics and websites for many of them. For my theatrical plays, too, of course. I just love it when my creativity can actually be helpful to others. And I just somehow always knew that I would find a way to make my passion a profession.

That’s it how Holistic Interior Design came in my life.

After having moved in another country, having to work insane hours every day and feeling that my creativity fades away because of stress, I re-discovered my passion. I started searching about how I could improve my life. I started drawing again! I started searching about how I could improve my life. Otherwise, my burn-out symptoms would become even worse, I thought. I had to find a way to relax at home. And I discovered that getting rid of the clutter and improving the energy of my space using crystals, actually helped me to decrease my stress and anxiety and gave me the courage to make the first step to change my life. That first step, for me, was to study Interior Design. Having finally made the decision, I started learning more and more about Holistic Interior Design. The more I learned, the more ready I felt. Ready to pursue my goals. To actually enjoy my happy moments. Ready to live.

Do you believe in Change?

I believe in Change. In the endless possibilities of life and love. I believe in finding the strength to pursue our goals and make our dreams a reality. And I am convinced that this change starts from our home. The place we have absolute control on. Our sacred space. Improving the quality of our homes by defining the way we feel in them can have miraculous effects on our mood and mental health. Holistic Interior Design is the key for this.

That’s why I made this blog.

To help you change your life by improving your home. If your life and home are perfect, which I truly wish you, I hope you can take joy and maybe some creative ideas by reading my articles.

More about me? Well….

  1. This page has more revisions than all the other pages of my blog. That’s because I hate talking about myself. I just respect the fact you’d like to know whose advice you’re reading!
  2. I’m not a sales person. As you may ‘ve already got, I am brutally honest. I walk my talk and only share with you tips and strategies that I know work.
  3. Spaghetti with shrimps is my favorite dish. Cooking gives me joy and I enjoy it soooo much.
  4. I am (honestly) dreaming of buying a small fisherman’s house in Alaska to spend my summers in (I hate sweating in the summer), while my winters somewhere with a dry, mild climate. That place I haven’t found yet. You could actually help me on that.

olga roussou, being happy at home

That was it! I hope you are having a nice day and a beautiful home which can may both become at least a little bit better through reading my posts! That would make me so happy!